(Recommended for All Skin Types)

After cleansing, an effective treatment serum is applied, followed by the RevitaPen Pro device, driving actives deep in your skin for enhanced product absorption. A customized mask is then created to seal ingredients in, followed by hydration and sun protection. At the completion of the facial, your skin will be immediately smooth and radiant.

  • For all skin types

  • No downtime, ideal for busy lifestyles

  • Painless and non-invasive

  • Can be used from head to toe to treat skin concerns

  • Pair with Osmosis serums for immediate and long- lasting results


(Recommended for Sensitive/Rosacea Skin)

This facial is formulated to rehabilitate intolerant skin and reverse the skin's sensitivity and irritation through promoting and protecting healthy collagen and supporting the skin's immune function.  An infusion of innovative ingredients will create a healthy glow while addressing any troubled area.  This delightfully pampering facial will leave your skin visibly smoother and more radiant with an improved barrier. 


(Recommended for Acne Prone Skin)

Incorporating a holistic facial and wellness assessment, this gentle but effective treatment targets the source of blemishes, balances oils, and helps retrain skin to maintain a healthier, clearer condition.  Refresh your skin and maximize its ability to resist itself.  The finishing touch is a personalized skin care program created specifically for you.


(Recommended for Dry Skin)

A luxurious facial that nurtures skin, feels wonderful and makes you look terrific.  Your face will be cleansed with sulfate-free cleansers, gently exfoliated to remove dull surface cells and richly nourished with customized serums.  Your face, neck and shoulders will be massaged with artisan oils and you'll be rehydrated with a masque chosen for your individual skin. 


(Recommended for Aging Skin)

Our most active facial treatment accelerates and maximizes the product benefits with a specifically chosen additive designed to address your skins needs, allowing you to see the results immediately.  Skin appears more even with enhanced elasticity, texture, tone, and clarity for a refreshed, nourished, and youthful look.  There's nothing lovelier than healthy, cared-for skin.


(Recommended for Hyperpigmentation/Uneven Skin)

To restore radiance, this treatment delivers nutrients to the skin to improve the signs of environmental damage from sun, pollution, and stress.  Pigment-correcting boosters, powerful Vitamins A and C help to re-establish the look of clarity and firmness and help guard against further damage.  Skin appears brighter, smoother, and a more youthful radiance is revealed.  Like no facial you've ever experienced, this facial will leave your skin glowing.

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"I've been getting injections for years and usually cringe at the thought of the pain my former injector inflicted, but now I don't sweat making my appointment and I definitely don't dread going"
R James
"I had one of the best experiences I've yet to have at a doctors office.  The staff was so sweet and knowledgeable.  The doctor was late, but I enjoyed the retail area, especially when I found out it was for charity!"
K Martin
"Marissa educated me on things I had no idea existed! The girl before didn't even tell me what she was injected! "
L Edwards